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Random Thoughts

Oct 21, 2008 in english

In my last post I was just writing about what’s going on. If you aren’t really into my life, that is quite boring. And since my exam is over I have some time to think about other things.

Back on the Track

Oct 18, 2008 in english, last year in Germany

This week I had the repetition of my oral exam. The day before I felt like my head wants to explode, lots of useless stuff in my head. I didn’t sleep well, but finally I passed the exam. And I also made some progress working on plan B.

Messing it up

Oct 07, 2008 in english, last year in Germany

I guess it’s time to write a new post. And as you may have mentioned after reading the header, things aren’t really going well. After not getting my Visa for USA my six step plan got a scratch, and now it looks like it is almost ruined.