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I missed you so much

Jun 28, 2008 in english

I am back in Seattle. I am so happy, and I think someone else is too. Of course I missed Brooke, but when I landed here I realized how much I miss Seattle too.

Some good news and …

Jun 28, 2008 in english, last year in Germany

… some not so good. There are some updates on my Visa status, it was hard to get some but now since I know something new I want to tell you.

New Blog Layout

Jun 16, 2008 in english, my homepage

After I had issues with bots overwriting my blog entries for several times, I updated wordpress to the newest version and changed the theme of my blog.

There is still a spark of hope

Jun 13, 2008 in english, last year in Germany

i almost gave up hope on living in redmond this year. But now it looks like it is still possible. Maybe I should really quit thinking about end of this year at all.

Make the most of NOW

Jun 06, 2008 in english, last year in Germany

I really like this slogan. And right now it looks like this is the only thing I can do. I wrote again some emails and it looks more and more like I won’t spent a lot of time in the USA for the next one or two years.

Up’s and Down’s

Jun 04, 2008 in english, last year in Germany

After I had a really amazing week it’s going down again. Maybe it’s normally like that, but I don’t like it. After I didn’t really work on my diploma it’s hard to catch up. And I still don’t have a Visa and right now I think I wont get one this year.